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Features of Text To Speech Reader
Text to speech reader software can process formats ranging from DOC, RTF, PDF, eBooks, EPUB, and HTML files and are vital resources for everyone including students. Mobile apps, websites, digital books, online documents, and loads of e-learning tools can come with their voices with text-to-speech solutions. For this reason, you need a faultlessly designed software for text to speech reader that can read texts aloud with one mouse click; Audio Reader XL has you all covered.

Understanding Text To Speech Reader Better

It is crucial to know how text to speech reader, which was initially designed for the visually impaired, works. Text to speech reader is a little bit different from the voice response system. Unlike the voice response systems that concatenates sentences from prerecorded words databases to synthesize speech and whose sentence synthesis is limited only to the system’s predetermined words, natural voice text to speech reader has the ability to “read” any text character string to create unique sentences.

Text To Speech Reader
Screenshot of Text To Speech Reader

There are countless ways of creating audio from text. Here are simple steps taken by some of the best text to speech software to come up with high-quality speech (the Unit Selection Synthesis process).

  • Text to speech reader for every kind of texts.
  • A fluent voice actor is chosen to say a wide variety of speech units as they are being recorded.
  • The speech units are sought out, and a voice database is built from the recorded sound files.
  • The voice is ready for use after the creation of a database.
  • Natural language processing where the system analyses and breaks down your text into phonetic sounds.
  • Voice database and natural language processing come together into play in this step where the system selects the most appropriate speech units.
  • After the technical processing, sound files are created, and the text to speech reader software is ready to function.

Although the Unit Selection Synthesis (USS) speech product is the most natural sounding, there are other processes used for speech synthesis such as the HTS based system of speech synthesis (HTS). In selecting the best between HTS and USS, time and quality are considered. USS system takes more time when it comes to producing text to speech engine; on the other hand, USS produces higher quality audio.

Text To Speech Reader Download

TTS (Text To Speech) technology plays a significant role today. It enables a greater population including people with reduced vision, learning disabilities and individuals learning a new language address their challenges inexpensively and easily. It is easier for 17% of the world’s population who are faced with a language-based disability to access content with the help of TSS engines.

Text to speech reader download at http://www.ttssoft.org/ will come in handy for the following group of individuals:

  • People who are moderately or mildly visually impaired.
  • Individuals with literacy difficulties and learning disabilities – It is frustrating for such people to browse the internet since almost every result is presented in the text form.
  • People who multitask – You might lack enough time to read through texts when you have a busy lifestyle; it is, therefore essential to download highly-rated and convenient TTS software such as Audio Reader XL for windows to help you out.
  • People who use different styles of learning such as auditory learning.
  • Text to speech reader accessing texts from small-screened mobile devices – It is pointless to strain while reading from a small text; simply download a TTS engine.

Guide to Selecting a Natural Voice Text To Speech Reader

If you are looking for a software for text to speech reader that will serve your needs entirely, you are recommended to seek the one with the most natural sounding voice as opposed to robotic voices. Moreover, take a keener look at the number of voice options and languages available before choosing a natural text to speech reader.

Remember to compare the control options of each text to speech reader engine.

Natural Voice Text To Speech Reader Download
Photo of Natural Voice Text To Speech Reader Download

Why Natural Text To Speech Reader Will Come in Handy for Online Marketers
Take your online marketing strategy to the next level by finding a reliable text to speech reader. With it, you will be able to reach out for more potential customers (including those with visual disabilities and reading difficulties). The good thing is that your content can be accessed and comprehended by people using a native language that is different from your websites.

Since a great PDF text to speech reader (or any other TTS engine) can convert any text to natural speech, it is easier for marketers to redistribute their audio format text content using other distribution channels. In this scenario, your readers will be able to listen to your content while they are on the run or while they are doing other things at the same time.

The benefits of having Audio Reader XL (for windows) PDF text to speech reader are countless. If you are a content consumer with visual difficulties or disability, it will come in handy for you; if you are a content owner, on the other hand, you will have an easier time increasing your online content’s accessibility to your readers.